Outdoor Cushion Covers – Wedge


Are you tired of your old and worn-out sofa cushions? Do you want to give your sofa a new look without spending a fortune by ordering complete new cushions? If so, replacement cushion covers are the perfect solution for you. Replacement cushion covers are designed to fit your existing lounge back cushions and are custom made to size. You can also select your desired colour and choose piping or ties at no additional cost. By selecting new cushion covers over replacing the whole lounge you will save time compared to looking for a complete new lounge and save money.


    Please select your preferred fabric from these available options below. These are in stock and available for immediate production.


    What is piping: Piping on a cushion is the thin fabric tubing that goes around the edges of the cushions. Piping is somewhat like a fine/small pipe that is around all the joins/ edges. It can provide a premium look and can be made in difference colours to provide a contrast. If that seems daunting you may like to know that most cushions use the same fabric on the piping as they do for the cushion.


    Please select whether you would like ties or not.
    Most lounge back cushions do not have ties. However if your lounge is in a windy area or have children or pets that love reorganising the cushions ties are a great solution for keeping your cushions in place.



    (In Centimetres)
    Length: Minimum 20cm - Maximum 80cm
    Length: Minimum 20cm - Maximum 80cm
    Length: Minimum 10cm - Maximum 30cm
    Length: Minimum 10cm - Maximum 30cm
    Length: Minimum 50cm - Maximum 100cm
    Length: Minimum 50cm - Maximum 100cm
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How To Measure For Wedge Shape Outdoor Lounge Cushion Covers

No skill is required to measure up for a lounge back cushion cover, it’s simple.

  1. Measure the height  of the back cushion from the base the tallest section.
  2. Measure the width of the current cushion cover at the widest point
  3. Measure the depth of the cushion at the base
  4. Measurement the narrower top section of your back cushion



  • Includes 3 years warranty that also covers workmanship and fading.
  • There are no optional extras, piping, zippers, and ties are all included
  • Sun-Tough Olefin is selected for all custom made cushions covers  your cushions won’t fade like polyester cushions do.
  • Olefin cushion cover  can be machined washed on a COLD and gentle cycle.
  • Priority Express  delivery option allows for delivery to you within 10 – 14 days of order.
  • Prior to putting your order into production our customer care team will be in touch to confirm your order and measurements.
  • Please note cushion inner ( foam/filling ) is not included

Please carefully when measuring and double check the measurement to ensure they are entered correctly as we do not offer change of mind/ cancellation  for incorrect size ordered. For the best result remove the existing  cover and measure. 

Replacement Outdoor Cushion Covers For Wedge Lounge Back Cushions 

Outdoor cushion covers are essential for protecting your patio furniture from the elements and enhancing the comfort and appearance of your outdoor space. However, not all replacement outdoor cushion covers are created equal. Some are more suitable for different shapes  of cushions, while others offer more benefits in terms of durability, ease of cleaning, and design.

One of the most versatile and attractive types of outdoor cushion covers is the angled one. Angled outdoor cushion covers are designed to fit snugly over  cushions that have an angled or tapered shape, such as those found outdoor lounges and patio sofa  with sloped backs. Angled outdoor cushion covers have several advantages over other types of covers, such as:

• They provide a better fit and prevent the cushions from sliding or bunching up.

• They create a more streamlined and modern look for your outdoor furniture.

• They allow you to mix and match different colours and patterns to create a customised and stylish look.

• They are easy to remove and wash in a cold and gentle cycle  and have zippers for easy removal.

If you are looking for high-quality and affordable angled outdoor cushion covers, you may want to check out www.thecushioncompany.com.au. This online store offers a wide range of angled outdoor cushion covers in various sizes, fabrics, and designs. You can choose to order custom-made covers to suit your specific needs. All their  cushion covers are made from durable and water-resistant olefin that can withstand harsh weather conditions and UV rays. They also offer delivery Australia wide.

Angled outdoor cushion covers are a smart and stylish choice for your patio furniture. They can help you protect your cushions, enhance your comfort, and transform your outdoor space into a cozy and inviting oasis.