Custom Made Outdoor Daybed Cushion


The Cushion Company can custom made a daybed cushion in your desired size and colour. Cushions for outdoor daybeds can be thicker making them plusher and more inviting. For a daybed, you can go as thick as 10cm, 12cm or 15cm thick. Should you be styling your home for sale or looking for an economical solution than 7cm is a very popular thickness.



    Please select your preferred fabric from these available options below. These are in stock and available for immediate production.


    Place mouse/cursor over fabric to magnify


    What is piping: Piping on a cushion is the thin fabric tubing that goes around the edges of the cushions. Piping is somewhat like a fine/small pipe that is around all the joins/ edges. It can provide a premium look and can be made in difference colours to provide a contrast. If that seems daunting you may like to know that most cushions use the same fabric on the piping as they do for the cushion.


    This is a no brainer, we don’t charge extra for quick drying foam so we’d suggest you pick it. Regular foam
    tends to go mouldy if it gets wet and isn’t in the sunlight. Quick drying foam is open cell foam allows the water
    to pass through quickly.


    Please select whether you would like ties or not.
    Unless your daybed is enclosed on 3 sides or has a lip at the front preventing the cushion sliding off then ties are recommended  on a daybed seat cushions.


    Pro Tip: Most daybed cushions are 12cm – 15cm thick. However 10cm will provide for a firmer and more supportive experience.

    Please complete all measurements  boxes to display cushion fabrics and options


    (In Centimetres)
    Length: Minimum 150cm - Maximum 350cm
    Length: Minimum 150cm - Maximum 350cm
    Depth: Minimum 60cm - Maximum 150cm
    Depth: Minimum 60cm - Maximum 150cm
    Length: Minimum 7cm - Maximum 15cm
    Length: Minimum 7cm - Maximum 15cm
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    3 Weeks $495
    10 - 14 Days $895
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How to measure for daybed cushions/daybed Mattress

No skill is required to measure up for a daybed cushion, it’s simple

  1. Measure the length of the space where the daybed cushion will go,  and enter in cms.  For example: if it is 2014mm  enter to 201.4cm
  2. Measure the width of the space
  3. Confirm how thick you would like the cushion.

Pro Tip: Most daybed cushions are 12cm – 15cm thick. However, 10cm will also provide good support.


  • Includes 3 years warranty that also covers workmanship and fading.
  • Quick-dry foam that allows water to pass through the cushion rather than retaining water like most cushions.
  • There are no optional extras, piping, zippers, ties and quick dry foam are all included
  • Sun-Tough Olefin is selected for all custom made cushions meaning your cushions won’t fade as polyester cushions do.
  • High-density foam is standard. We don’t use low-density foams this will ensure your cushions will look good for many years.
  • Olefin cushion cover can be machined washed on a COLD and gentle cycle.
  • Priority Express  delivery option allows for delivery to you within 10 – 14 days of order
  • Prior to putting your order into production, our customer care team will be in touch to confirm your order and measurements.
  • Your cushions will be vacuumed packed to ensure secure transit and enable delivery to the workplace if desired.

Please carefully when measuring and double-check the measurement to ensure they are entered correctly as we do not offer change of mind/ cancellation for incorrect size ordered.

Outdoor Daybed Cushion Australia Bespoke Custom Made Daybed Cushions

Why not make this the time when you do it properly,  once and for all and get a quality custom made outdoor day bed cushion. We make it easy by offering 26 quality fabrics (not hundreds) The cushion company does not charge you for extras like ties, quick-drying foam making ordering easy.

Why settle for a generic outdoor daybed cushion that isn’t the right size when you can now have a custom-made daybed cushion that is designed to your preferred thickness, colour, finish and quality. Here are some extra added benefits as to why you should consider the Cushion Company when ordering outdoor cushions.

Quick Drying Foam
Quick drying foam is a type of foam that is specially designed for outdoor use. It is non-water absorbent and won’t mold, rot or mildew. It has an open-cell structure that allows air and water to flow through it easily, making it dry fast after getting wet. This means you don’t have to worry about your cushions staying damp or smelling bad after a rain shower or a spill. Quick drying foam is also very resilient and buoyant, which means it can retain its shape and comfort for a long time. Quick drying foam is ideal for outdoor furniture, pool seats, boat cushions and other cushioned surfaces that are exposed to the elements

Piping is a decorative trim that runs along the edges of your cushions. It adds a touch of elegance and style to your outdoor furniture, making it look more polished and refined. Piping also has a practical function: it helps prevent the seams of your cushions from fraying or tearing over time if experiencing heavy use such as commercial applications. Piping can also create a contrast between the fabric and the foam, highlighting the shape and design of your cushions.

Ties are another useful feature for your outdoor cushions. They are strips of fabric made from the matching material  that attach your cushions to your furniture, preventing them from sliding off or blowing away in the wind. Ties can also help you adjust the position and angle of your cushions, making them more comfortable and ergonomic. Ties can be simple or decorative, depending on your taste and style. They can also match or contrast with the fabric and piping of your cushions, creating a harmonious or dynamic look.

The Cushion Company
If you are looking for high-quality outdoor cushions that have quick drying foam, piping and ties, look no further than The Cushion Company. The Cushion Company is an Australian online store that specializes in custom-made outdoor cushions for any type of furniture. They offer a wide range of fabrics, colors and patterns to suit your personal style and decor. They also do not charge extra for ties, piping or quick drying foam, which means you can get the best value for your money. Plus, they offer free delivery of fabric samples so you can feel and see the fabric color in your own home before placing an order. With The Cushion Company, you can transform your outdoor space into a cozy and inviting oasis.