Angled Wedge Lounge Back Cushion


These angled wedge cushions are popular for modular lounge are often used in the corner or at either end of the lounge. At the cushion company you can make the cushion in your size & fabric.  Unlike the cushions that come on furniture as standard this cushion is made with quick drying foam and Sun-Tough Olefin ensuring you can leave the cushions  exposed to all the elements.


    Please select your preferred fabric from these available options below. These are in stock and available for immediate production.


    What is piping: Piping on a cushion is the thin fabric tubing that goes around the edges of the cushions. Piping is somewhat like a fine/small pipe that is around all the joins/ edges. It can provide a premium look and can be made in difference colours to provide a contrast. If that seems daunting you may like to know that most cushions use the same fabric on the piping as they do for the cushion.


    This is a no brainer, we don’t charge extra for quick drying foam so we’d suggest you pick it. Regular foam
    tends to go mouldy if it gets wet and isn’t in the sunlight. Quick drying foam is open cell foam allows the water
    to pass through quickly.


    Please select whether you would like ties or not.
    Most lounge back cushions do not have ties. However if your lounge is in a windy area or have children or pets that love reorganising the cushions ties are a great solution for keeping your cushions in place.


    Pro Tip: Wedge lounge cushions are normally 15cm thick at the base and 5cm thick at the top. To ensure the cushion is not to upright it is recommended measurement C should be at least 2.5x of measurement D

    Please complete all measurement boxes to display cushion fabrics and options


    (In Centimetres)
    Height: Minimum 20cm - Maximum 60cm
    Height: Minimum 20cm - Maximum 60cm
    Depth: Minimum 10cm - Maximum 30cm
    Depth: Minimum 10cm - Maximum 30cm
    Length: Minimum 55cm - Maximum 120cm
    Length: Minimum 55cm - Maximum 120cm
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How To Measure For An Angled Wedge Shape Outdoor Lounge Cushion 

No skill is required to measure up for a lounge back cushion, it’s simple.

  1. Place the cushion it the usual upright position and measure the height straight ( measurement A )
  2. Measure the width of the current cushion cover at the widest point, this is usually the top ( measurement B )
  3. Measure the depth of the cushion at the base ( measurement C )
  4. Measurement the narrower top section of your back cushion ( Measurement D )
  5. Measure the shorter length of the cushion at the base ( measurement E )

Pro Tip: Measurement C should be 2.5X greater than measurement D, This will ensure the cushion is not overly upright. The most popular thickness is 15cm at base and 5cm at the top.


  • Includes 3 years warranty that also covers workmanship and fading.
  • Quick-dry inner filling that allows water to pass through the cushion rather than retaining water like most cushions.
  • There are no optional extras, piping, zippers, ties and quick dry foam are all included
  • Sun-Tough Olefin is selected for all custom made cushions meaning your cushions won’t fade as polyester cushions do.
  • High-density foam is standard. We don’t use low-density foams this will ensure your cushions will look good for many years.
  • Olefin cushion cover can be machined washed on a COLD and gentle cycle.
  • Priority Express  delivery option allows for delivery to you within 10 – 14 days of order
  • Prior to putting your order into production, our customer care team will be in touch to confirm your order and measurements.
  • Your cushions will be vacuumed packed to ensure secure transit and enable delivery to the workplace if desired.

Please carefully when measuring and double-check the measurement to ensure they are entered correctly as we do not offer change of mind/ cancellation for incorrect size ordered.

Replacement Outdoor Lounge Cushions Australia.

Most of the outdoor lounges sold by retailers in Australia use cheap polyester lounge cushions that often fade quickly combined with regular foam that can go mouldy within no time.
When you get new lounge cushions from The Cushion Company you may find that they look similar to your lounge cushions when they were brand new. The big difference is how they look after time. Lounge cushions from The Cushion Company are made from Sun-Tough Olefin fabrics so they will stay looking newer for longer. Our custom-made lounge cushions are delivered in as little as 4 weeks ( Priority Delivery Option)  and come with 3 years warranty. View our photo gallery.

The Cushion Company specialises In making custom made complete outdoor Lounge cushions. Whether you are getting cushions for your existing lounge, upgrading the cushions on the new lounge or are after cushions for a custom made lounge,  we can help.
The Cushion Company allows you to order your outdoor lounge cushions online and enjoy $29 delivery to all Australian capital cities.