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How to Clean Mildew from Your Exisiting Outdoor Cushions

Our cushions are features quick drying foam and Sun- Tough Olefin fabric so they are are designed to be exposed to the elements and won't retain moisture. However if you don't have quick drying foam cushions or your cushions are made from polyester these handy tips may come in handy.   If you are a neat freak and want everything to be perfect, You must be spending half of your day cleaning your space. But despite putting so much effort into keeping the place clean, stubborn mildew doesn’t go. Mildew can be an actual problem because it can make the seating unsuitable for seating. A brief run down of  over some specific methods to keep the mould  away can help you a lot.  

What is Mildew?

Mildew is a type of fungus which commonly deposits on flat-surfaced furniture, cushions, or outdoor umbrellas. It occurs in a powdery form which starts as a white-coloured powder and later turns yellow, black, or brown. The thin, superficial growth can harm your respiratory tract and start growing in the lungs in severe cases. So the susceptible surfaces need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the deposit.  

The Science Behind Mildew Deposit!

Bright sunlight, humid environment, and moist surfaces provide perfect conditions for mildew to grow. And this is the reason that your outdoor bench cushions in Australia are susceptible to getting mildew deposition.  

Tips for cleaning the surface:


Homemade Solution

A homemade solution to clean mildew off your outdoor bench cushions can be a better alternative as it is milder than synthetic cleaners and does not spoil the quality of your cushions. You will need borax, baking soda, dishwashing detergent, and water to make your cleaner. The steps to follow are to mix these ingredients in hot water until they dissolve nicely. Then spray this solution on your cushions and scrub gently in a circular motion until the mildew deposits are clean.  

The Pressure Washer Method

You will require a pressure washer and a large-sized hazard-free space for this method. It can be a super effective method to clean your cushions and restore them to their original condition. Don't worry; it won't do any harm to your cushion fabrics unless you know how to use the pressure washer correctly.  

Tools and Materials Required for this Particular Method:

  • Pressure washer
  • A Hose
  • A soft-bristled brush for deep cleansing
  • A Soap tip (for practical application of cleaner)
  • An angled tip for rinsing
  • Protective gear

However, This Method Has a Couple of Drawbacks:

  • First is the risk of discolouration of your cushion. The chlorine bleach can discolour the pigment from your coloured cushion cover. So, before you choose this method to clean, make sure the cushion's material is bleachable.
  • Secondly, bleach is a toxic agent. It can irritate your eyes and skin and damage your lungs. If you are someone with sensitive skin, you should avoid using this method to avoid any skin rashes.
Otherwise, also, always wear protective gear such as gloves, apron, and protective glasses while using this method.  

The White Vinegar Method

The white vinegar already helps you with many household chores.  

Guess what?

Now you can make a new addition to the purposes white vinegar serves. That is cleaning the mildew off the cushions. It is a nontoxic and eco-friendly way to clean your mildew-filled outdoor bench cushions of any fabric. If this method does not give effective results, you can switch to more rigorous techniques to get a deeper cleaning.  

In the Nutshell:

Mildew can cause severe damage to your cushion fabrics, and they may end up losing their lustre and colour. So it's better to stay in touch with the weather reports and save the cushions from rain. Moreover, you can always keep cleaning them regularly with mild cleaning techniques to prevent severe damage.

Peter Deane

5 months ago

A great range of colours Very competitive prices Excellent quality of workmanship and delivery right on time as promised when we placed our order.


10 months ago

Have received the squabs, they are brilliant thank you so much. I’m very happy with them. Kind regards Rachel

Jeanette B

1 years ago

I have attached some photos of my recently purchased questions.  I love, love, love them!  They are beautifully sewn; the colour of the fabric is perfect and they are extremely comfortable to sit on. Absolutely perfect for the space. Thanks so much.   (3 Bench Cushions & 2 Scatter Cushions Supplied)

Megan M

1 years ago

Hi Emma , I have taken some pics of the cushions …I thought you might like to see. Great Job they look fabulous !

Majella C

3 years ago

We love the cushions. Perfect size!

Susan “SS”

5 years ago

We are so thrilled with our 2 very large bench seat cushions from The Cushion Company. Right from the start the customer service team were prompt and extremely helpful. I had a number of queries and had to change the position of the ties so that they worked with our furniture. The customer service team sent me pictures of how to exactly measure the ties and the cushions. They also sent me free samples of fabric so I could match it to our decor. The cushions arrived earlier than we expected and the instructions of how to unpack and care for them were very valuable because they arrive vacuum packed. I chose The Cushion Company because of their great price, outstanding customer service. We couldn’t be happier with our cushions. We would highly recommend The Cushion Company.

Julie Charlesworth

5 years ago

The quality of the product and customer service are both good . I had an issue with my order and it was resolved quickly - and they went above and beyond by delivering an unexpected "make-good." Although they don’t have a telephone line, they were prompt with replying to my emails.

Ian Cuthbertson

5 years ago

Super impressed with our new cusion covers! Was a bit nervous getting handed this job by my wife ... BUT ... after finding the Cushion Company via a Google search, my mission became infinitely easier 😁. They look better than the original ones that came with the outdoor sofa👌

John Weston

5 years ago

Worth every dollar. Totally thrilled with customer service. I stuffed my order ( wrong measurements ) and they emailed me checking the measurement were correct as they didn’t sound right. Delivery was on time, quality is fantastic. Very high end.

Marcia Hanna

5 years ago

This is the best looking, best made cushion I've had ordered. I'm glad I came across your website! The seams and fabric pattern line up well . I've tried other Aussie companies but yours was better value.

Spence Crossley

5 years ago

I was concerned about buying from you guys as you don’t have a track record and many reviews but I was pleased with quality and communication.

Bob Bennett

6 years ago

Ordered these online through the site. I didn't have any issues. Took a just under 4 weeks to get the cushions but I was expecting that. Not a problem for me. Workmanship is very good. One seam is slightly crooked but you'd never really notice. fabric have a premium texture and feel to it. Very pleased with the purchase. Only complaints - the fabric colour is slightly off from the picture but I didn't ask for a sample/swatch so my bad. It still looks great. I thought the price is a bit on the high side for a cushion.

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